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Classification:Company newsDate:2022/11/14
Smart future - what will the watch look like?
The birth of the watch originated from the demand for wearing and timing. Wear to free your hands and drive your appearance; Timing measures time and drives accurately. Over the past 300 years, watches have experienced industrial and technological revolution and iterative development. Today, mechanical watches, quartz watches, and smart watches are three of the world''s leading watches.
In modern life, the acquisition of time has become very convenient. The timing attribute of watches is fading away, and the role of accessories has become the leading role. The quartz watch expands its own ethnic group by virtue of its beauty and accuracy; Mechanical watches, with fine arts and culture, guard the needs of users; Smart watches, with technology and fashion, stand on the air opening to the future.
What will the future watches look like? Smart watches must be the main shape of the future.
At present, the slots that restrict the user experience of smart watches focus on endurance, screen media, and sensing technology, with the focus on battery endurance, that is, operating power consumption and electric energy storage.
Imagine that if the energy storage technology is broken through, batteries of the same volume can store multiple times of energy; If the rechargeable technology can be subverted, the power consumption can be replenished anytime and anywhere; If the power consumption of the system operation is fundamentally optimized, and the same task consumes lower capacity... what will happen to the whole world? Although we cannot predict the time span of these processes, human exploration in this field has never stopped.
If the battery life is no longer the slot point of the smart watch, the selection of the display interface can be changed accordingly. Flexible display, holographic imaging, AR and VR have come into reality. Clothes, skin, desktop and even air may become screen display media in the future. The voice communication is similar to bone conduction. Fingers touch the auricle and the voice reaches the cochlea directly. Even in a noisy environment, the communication can be heard clearly.
The intelligent trend of the future society has come! As a wearable product, the watch will have rich application scenarios, overturn the public''s cognition and change the way of life.
1. Ports of IoT system
In the future society, everything will be connected, and the Internet of Things will connect people, people and things, things and things, systems and systems. The watch will be used as a data acquisition port to achieve spatial positioning, motion tracking, physiological characteristics monitoring, sports health management, intelligent medical diagnosis, personal biometrics, mobile payment and other functions, and meet the needs of IoT interaction in various application scenarios.
2. Entrance for personal communication interaction
In the future, 5G communication will make information interaction instantly available. With voice recognition technology, cloud based big data, embedded application software, etc., the watch is expected to become the entrance to voice interaction, and from then on, hands will be completely freed. Voice call, data retrieval, human-computer (inter) interaction, intelligent assistant and other functions can be realized by simply moving the mouth without hands Standing at the intersection of the intelligent era, we look forward to the future of watches!
The development of science and technology has gone a long way. This article is a good introduction, welcome to leave a message to discuss.
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