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Newwear N1 World's Most Bookable Smart Watch
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Classification:Company newsDate:2022/7/12
Compared with square dials, smart watches with round dials seem more pleasing. After the advent of Moto 360, the smart watch industry has set off a round trend.
Newell recently launched their first round screen watch N1, following the Android smart watch N9, which was previously designed with a square screen. It is designed with a metal shell. The dial is 43mm in size, 9.8mm in thickness (compared with the Apple Watch book), and 76g in weight. It is claimed to be the thinnest smart watch on the market. The official mentioned that users feel almost comfortable wearing Newwear N1.
Elegant fashion design
Compared with the previous Newwear N9 smart watch with a square dial, the Time Round of this round dial seems to be more in line with the trend and has a sense of instant vision of Android Wear. There is a key on the right and a key on the left. This time, Time Round has adopted a new interactive interface and a color capacitive touch screen. In order to make the software work well on the round screen, N1 redesigned the Timeline. When you slide the watch, it updates the entire interface, not line by line, looking at past, present and future events. In this way, the text can be displayed naturally on the circular screen, and the amount of information on the small screen can be maximized.
Vibration prompt, voice action
This Time Round retains most of the functions of Newwear''s previous Nseries watches. It can view Time, SMS, email and phone calls, and supports various App such as tracking walking steps, activity and sleep data. The background style of the dial can be changed, as well as the vibration prompt function. In addition, the microphone is configured to allow users to record voice notes or make voice replies when connecting mobile phones. It supports iOS and Android systems. Newwear also provides SDKs (software development kits) to developers, allowing them to adjust watch interfaces and apps.
Precautions for purchase
Newwear N1 replaceable strap. The 22mm strap is available in silver+brown, gold+white and black+red colors, which are more suitable for women; The black and silver+brown colors make men look more handsome! It is worth noting that N1 supports IPX7 splash proof function, but does not support waterproof function. Although it''s a pity that you can''t wear a watch to take a bath or swim, it''s good to wash your hands. At present, the official support for booking is $99.99, which is expected to be shipped on November 8. If you are interested, you can buy it here.
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