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Comparison and evaluation of 10 smart watches in 2017: Who has the highest cost performance?
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Classification:Industry informationDate:2022/11/14

In 2017, after the dormant period of last year''''s MWC Conference, the major smart watch manufacturers once again launched their own upgraded smart watches. The popularity of smart watches with sports and health as the core is rising again. In addition to our common domestic Huawei and old Apple, a large number of smart watches such as Louis Vuitton and Aieyi have entered the market.
Let''''s take a look:
1. Huawei Porsche Design Smart Watch
At the MWC Conference in 2017, Huawei launched a Porsche designed smart watch, providing a different luxury experience for users who like Android Wear.

In terms of configuration, it uses a 1.2 inch AMOLED display screen, which is much smaller than the first generation and has a resolution of 390 × 390 is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor, with storage space of 4GB, memory of 776MB, built-in 420mAh battery, and pre installed Android Wear 2.0 system.

The first generation smart watch is more sophisticated and fashionable in terms of both material and design. The body is made of stainless steel, the upper surface is sapphire mirror, and the lower shell is made of stainless steel and Corning glass. The second generation smart watches are more sporty, especially with ceramic bezels. Huawei Watch 2 uses gorilla glass 3 to protect the screen. The orange of Huawei Watch 2 is only available for LTE, and the gray is only applicable to the Bluetooth version. WATCH 2 has some new functions compared with WATCH. WATCH 2 can support 4G cellular network (specific version), and can make independent calls, receive and send messages to the Internet; Built in GPS module, supporting recording and sharing of motion track; Support multiple mainstream sports type monitoring and mobile payment.
2. Ticwatch. S Fashion Smart Watch
At the 2017 evening Ticwatch new product launch conference with the theme of "outstanding", go out and ask about the launch of two new TicWatch S&E products focusing on sports and fashion elements, as well as the customized limited edition watches cooperated with fashion trendsetter Li Chen, which will be mainly aimed at young consumers.

Ticwatch S is mainly in sports style. Its body adopts fluorescent metal watch ring and ergonomic design. The Ticwatch S strap is made of soft silica gel, which is different from the previous two generations of Ticwatch watches. Because the Ticwatch S uses a structural design that enhances the antenna performance, it does not support the replacement of the strap. The Ticwatch S uses a magnetic charging device, which only needs to take the data cable when going out. Compared with the wireless charging base used by Ticwatch 2, the magnetic charging device is more suitable for going out and carrying. The Ticwatch S supports fast charging. According to the actual measurement, it takes about 1 hour to fully charge, which is slightly faster than the official announcement of 1 hour and 20 minutes. The charging efficiency is very high.
3. Amazfit Smart Sport Watch (Youth Edition)
Huami Technology recently released the youth version of the Amazfit Smart Sport Watch.

Different from the past, the Youth Edition uses a square dial, similar to the design of apw, with a thickness similar to that of Xiaomi Mobile Phone 6. The main body is equipped with a 1.28-inch screen, a 20mm wide sweat wicking strap, a 190mAh lithium polymer battery, a physical button on the side only, and 2.5D Corning Gorilla curved glass.

The sports version uses a round dial, a 1.34-inch screen, and a 280mAh battery, which is much larger than the youth version. In terms of weight, the youth watch is only 32g, and the sports watch is 53.7g. In terms of functions, the youth edition has added sports modes such as cycling, running, indoor running, and walking on the basis of the sports edition watch, which is completely different from the sports edition.
4. Aiyi smart watch
Different from most smart watches for young people, the smart watch "Aiyiyi" for the elderly appeared in the market in 2017, which is a bright sight.

The dial of the Aieyi smart watch is 1.3 inches, the dial diameter is 42mm, the thickness is 13.5mm, round, IPS capacitive touch screen, the resolution is 240 * 240, and the waterproof grade is IP65. Material, electroplating alloy case, leather strap. In terms of functions, there are heart rate monitoring, step counting, medication reminder, SOS one button emergency call, remote real-time positioning, activity track tracking and other functions.

The watch has only one tab as a function key, which fits well with the traditional round watch in appearance. Built in MediaTek MT2503 chip and 450mAh battery, it can be used for 3 to 4 days when charged, which is better than other smart watches. However, this elderly watch cannot be installed with application software, which is mainly used as a health monitoring device. It is reasonable to have a better endurance. The watch is magnetically charged for 2 hours.
The watch is available in three styles: obsidian black, rose gold and moonlight silver. The current price is 599 yuan.
5. Smart Watch Tambour Horizon
The biggest highlight of smart watches in 2017 came from Louis Vuitton.

On July 11, 2017, Louis Vuitton launched the brand''''s first smart watch, Tambour Horizon. The case of Tambour Horizon is made by a Swiss advanced watchmaker, equipped with Android 2.0 platform and high-resolution AMOLED touch screen, and is suitable for Android 4.3 and iOS 9 phones and above. The dial has a diameter of 42mm. There are three types of dial: graphite black, all black and Monogram pattern. It can stand by for about 22 hours after full charge.

Louis Vuitton also added flight tracking and city guide functions according to its existing products. The former can track flight progress and provide flight delay, gate change, waiting time and other information.
Tambour Horizon starts at $2450, while the all black version is up to $2900.
6. Apple watch series 2
It has been a long time since Apple''''s smart watch was released. Compared with the first generation, the second generation of Apple Watch has greatly upgraded its basic attributes. The operating system is upgraded to Watch OS 3, and the processor is changed into a processor: Apple S2, dual core. The screen material is changed from sapphire crystal mirror to Ion X glass mirror, which is more shatterproof than before, and the brightness is up to twice as high. In addition to these other functions, there has been no major improvement.

It is reported that in the third quarter of this year, Apple will release the third generation of products. Apple will give up OLED and use Micro LED instead. The screen brightness will be higher and the power will be saved.

7. Montblanc Summit Smart Watch
Summit smart watch is the first smart watch of Montblanc (I have only done intelligent articles on the mechanical watch chain belt before).
Montblanc Summit smart watch is equipped with the new Android Wear? The 2.0 smart watch operating system has the most advanced software and rich functions, and supports the connection between the watch and devices equipped with Android or Apple iOS systems. In addition, Montblanc has also partnered with Qualcomm Technologies to promote Snapdragon? The Wear 2100 processor is fully used in this smart watch to maximize battery life while improving performance.

The Montblanc Summit smart watch is equipped with a 1.39 inch large AMOLED display with high contrast, which presents vivid and bright colors to provide the wearer with an excellent visual experience. In addition, AMOLED display is covered with dome shaped sapphire crystal glass watch mirror, which is the first in the field of smart watches.

The Montblanc Summit smart watch will be launched in the Montblanc boutique from August 2017 with a starting price of 7100 yuan.
8. Fitbit smart watch
Fitbit launched an upgraded version of Fitbit Alta HR this year.

In terms of function, the biggest difference between Alta HR and the previous generation Alta is the heart rate sensor. Fitbit claims that Fitbit Alta HR is the thinnest smart bracelet in the world. Alta HR is 25% thinner than its own Fitbit Charge 2, and can continuously track your heart rate changes around the clock. Alta HR has added a heart rate sensor, but it is not very suitable for high-intensity training. SmartTrac can automatically recognize the movement mode.

Alta cannot track heart rate, but it can track steps, distance, activity time and calories. It also has SmartTrack function, but lacks heart rate tracking and GPS function.
9. Samsung Smart Watch Gear S3
The avant-garde version and classic version of the Gear S3. The "classic version" uses a silver dial design and a black leather strap. The overall style is simple and commercial; The "avant-garde version" is more outspoken in the design of dial and strap, preferring young and sporty style, with black, red, military green and other colors of strap, which has both scientific and fashion flavor.

Gear S3 adopts 1.3 inch Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 360 × 360. Built in Samsung Exynos 7270 1GHz processor, it is equipped with 4GB storage and 380mAh battery. In the past, the available memory of Samsung Gear S2 Classic users was 1.8G, while that of the Gear S3 was only 1.5G.

The Gear S3 also adds speakers, which allow you to make and receive calls directly. The operating system is still Tizen. Super AMOLED display can greatly save power when displaying black, so friends who like black can get better endurance.
10. MOTO 360 Smart Watch
In terms of basic data, the MOTO 360 2nd generation smart watch and 1st generation smart watch are both 1.56 inch Corning Gorilla Glass 3rd generation screens, LCD backlight 512MB system memory, 4GB storage, Android Wear operating system, resolution and battery. The 2nd generation is divided into two types, 42mm men''''s watch and women''''s watch: 263ppi (360 * 325), which can stand by for up to 1.5 days when the screen is turned off and always on; Under the setting that the screen is always on, it can stand by for a whole day at most.

46mm men''''s watch: 233ppi (360 * 330) pixels. It can stand by for up to 2 days when the screen is turned off and always on. The first generation universal 320 * 290 pixels, and the MOTO 360 second generation have added the Chinese version of the Android Wear operating system to the Android Wear operating system, not just the hard English, which can be switched back and forth, making people feel more friendly.

In terms of watch material, MOTO 360 Generation 1 uses metal frame and leather strap. The watch ring is a piece of metal cutting material. Generation 2 watch strap is Horween leather, and the case is made of stainless steel.

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