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N8's most powerful smart watch
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Classification:Company newsDate:2022/11/14
At the beginning of March, a smart watch called Newwear N8 came into people''s view. On the day of opening, 666 units in stock were sold out in 9 minutes. No matter its appearance, configuration, or application, it has deeply attracted many people. But how does this watch perform? I believe many people are looking forward to it.
Configuration parameters: luxury
It can be seen from the above parameters that the configuration of this product is luxurious, especially the following points, which are worth highlighting:
1. Multi core high-speed CPU: The N8 uses MTK''s 6580 quad core 1.3GHz processor, combined with its SLPT ultra-low power consumption mode, to achieve ultra-low power consumption; And it also takes into account the smoothness of the entire system operation.
2. Matching scheme of 8G+1G: The N8 has increased the storage space and system memory to 8G and 1G respectively, similar to the hardware update of mobile phones. This scheme configuration is bound to become mainstream this year.
3. Nine axis sensor and heart rate sensor: The heart rate sensor adopted by N8 is the original phase PAH8001EI-QG, which should be the most cost-effective dynamic heart rate sensor at present, with accurate and reliable detection; The motion sensor uses the nine axis sensor of the InvenSense MPU-9255, which is not only very accurate for sensing the direction and speed, but also can sense the earth''s magnetic field, thus realizing the compass application.
Appearance: grand and fashionable
First of all, the quality of a smart watch must lie in its appearance. Whether the appearance of a product is beautiful and the workmanship is fine directly determines the success or failure of a product. The design of the N8 has devoted a lot of efforts of the designer. It looks fashionable and grand as a whole. In addition to the CNC full aluminum body, the liquid silicone strap with three antennas inside, and the very fine workmanship, the N8 can definitely be comparable to any big brand product. It should be pointed out that the lower case of this watch is made of ceramic material (each piece of ceramic accessory can only be formed after 8 processes and 40 days of waiting), which is the material used for the back case of the mobile phone. It does not affect the signal, but also has a very texture, which is commendable.
Screen: clearly visible outdoors
Of course, the most important part of smart watches is the screen, which is closely related to the display effect, power consumption and interaction. The N8 uses a touch capacitive color screen with a 1.54-inch resolution of 320x320. The pixel density has reached 286PPI, which is the level of the retina. In addition, this screen has natural advantages in display effect and power consumption.
In addition, this screen is clearly visible both indoors and outdoors in the sun. Therefore, when purchasing, you don''t need to worry about application scenarios.

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