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Waterproofing of smart watches
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Classification:Industry informationDate:2022/11/14
What if the smart bracelet often touches the water? Can I wear it for swimming?
Newwear is sure that many people will have questions about how to define the smart bracelet with waterproof performance? Can I touch water for a long time?
In fact, the dust-proof and waterproof grade of electronic products is generally expressed in IP. According to the waterproof process and manufacturing process, Newell smart watches can basically achieve the waterproof grade of IPX7 and IPX8. They have been tested before leaving the factory and show waterproof performance in a specific environment, which can protect against short immersion.
What is IPXX waterproof?
IP68 is the highest level of dustproof and waterproof standards. The evaluation of the shell''''s solid resistance and waterproof performance mainly depends on the last two digits XX of IPXX.
The first X is the dust prevention level, from 0 to 6, and the highest level is 6;
The second X is the waterproof grade, from 0 to 8, and the highest grade is 8.
IPX0 without protection
IPX1 water drips into the housing without influence
IPX2 has no effect when the housing is tilted to 15 degrees
IPX3 water or rainwater dripping from 60 degrees has no effect
IPX4 liquid splashed on the shell in any direction has no effect
IPX5 is flushed with water without any damage
IPX6 can be used in cabin and big wave environment
IPX7 can stay for up to 30 minutes under water up to 1m deep
The IPX8 can stay underwater for up to 30 minutes at a maximum depth of 2 meters
Although you can wear an IP68 smart bracelet or smart watch when jogging or washing dishes in the rain, the IP grade does not consider the water pressure. Therefore, IP rating does not indicate the ability of the equipment to be used in water activities (such as deep water swimming). This is the source of ATM ratings.
What is ATM waterproof?
Of course, it doesn''''t mean bank ATM.
ATM is the abbreviation of English pressure resistance value, which is an international standard that shows you the "atmospheric pressure" that the equipment can withstand when it is still underwater. Every 10m increase in underwater depth will increase the pressure equivalent to one atmosphere.
1ATM=10m waterproof
2ATM=20m waterproof
3ATM=30m waterproof
4ATM=40m waterproof
5ATM=50m waterproof
... and so on.
Generally, the waterproof specifications of watches are divided into the following categories: 30m, 50m, 100m, 300m and 500m.
In watches, ATM and BAR represent every 10 meters.
30-50 meters: for daily waterproof, it can resist a small amount of hand washing and face splashing water and raindrops falling in light rain, but it should not take too long. (Identification: 30M, 3ATM, 3BAR)
100-200m: Swimming is allowed, but only for shallow swimming. (Identification: 100M, 10ATM, 10BAR)
300 meters and above: water sports or free diving. (Identification: 300M, 30ATM, 30BAR)
50m waterproof of smart watch
The representative can go within 50m
Do you swim in the water?
No, it isn''''t.
The most common waterproof level of smart watches is 50m.
5 ATM stands for 50 meters of water resistance, which means that the equipment shall be kept free of water for at least 10 minutes under 50 meters deep, normal temperature and static water.
However, this does not mean that this watch can be worn to swim in the water within 50 meters, because the data of 5 ATM is only the result of the hydraulic test simulating 50 meters deep in the laboratory.
This is a method of measuring pressure, not depth.
In fact, the water pressure when you swim in ordinary waters with a watch is far higher than the hydrostatic pressure of 50 meters. The pressure formed by frequent arm waving during swimming is dynamic, which is not the same magnitude as the pressure when standing in the water. Besides, the water depth is not accurate when swimming, which may lead to water inflow due to excessive pressure.
Therefore, the general standard 5 ATM waterproof can prevent splashing, rain, general sprinkling, etc. In order to unify the test standards and avoid user failures, the test standards should be far higher than the use environment.
Like the fitness tracker, we certainly do not recommend you to test whether your expensive bracelet or watch can actually survive for half an hour at a depth of 1 meter according to the IP specification.
However, most people will not try it. I''''m glad to know that my judgment is correct, and your watch still works normally after washing hands and taking a cold shower. (It is likely that the equipment is also in good condition after swimming. Maybe it will be fine once, which does not mean it will not be broken next time. Not recommended)
It is also not recommended to wear it when bathing in hot water
Or touch water for a long time
In the case of bathing, the hot bath or cold bath should be divided.
Generally, it is difficult for electronic products with waterproof function to enter the water when taking a cold bath. However, due to the strong permeability of water vapor molecules, the water vapor generated by hot showers, saunas, hot springs, etc. is easy to enter the inner part of the bracelet. In serious cases, the bracelet function cannot be used.
Waterproof and waterproof steam are two different concepts.
General equipment is unable to prevent water vapor from entering. For example, watches that are generally labeled as 30 meter diving waterproof may also have water vapor when taking a hot bath. It is also necessary to pay attention to swimming. If diving and other operations still have the risk of water ingress, and if swimming at the seaside, because the seawater is corrosive, it is easy to cause corrosion of the charging contact, rapid aging of the sealing rubber ring, and the waterproof function of the equipment is not permanent, which may weaken over time. No matter how waterproof the smart bracelet is, it should not be used underwater for too long. The smart bracelet is always an intelligent electronic product. No matter how high the waterproof level is, if it is used underwater all the time, there will be a moment of accidental water ingress. Therefore, you can wear them in daily hand washing, cold shower, rainy days and sweating. It is not recommended to wear them in hot bath or in contact with water for a long time, which is also to extend the service life of intelligent wearable products.
In addition, if the equipment falls, bumps or suffers other impacts, contact with soap water, bath gel, detergent, perfume, lotion and oil will also affect the waterproof of the bracelet. It is necessary for us to understand these before enjoying greater freedom to explore and capture adventures. Be careful of the pervasive water vapor and the incalculable pressure of water movement.

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